Artist Statement

In the natural world, humans occupy physical space and the architecture it contains, while in the virtual world, humans occupy bitmap and server space. With the rise of Facebook and Twitter, our lives have become entrenched with the minding of our public virtual personas. With Six Deaths of Sociality, this becomes seen though the creation of six characters in social media, as each portray various personality traits of social networking in addition to being linked together in their pseudo-real life counters-space to provide an over-arching narrative.

The accounts of these characters, both in the literal sense, and the recanting of their fictious lives, is derived to show the sometimes vague divider between reality and fiction. While the accounts are very much real and existent, its physical origins are partially fictitious. The physical footprint of the accounts exist, in not only the bitmap of server space, but through the process of each set of data occupying a physical plot of a server, presumably in Silicon Valley. Yet, the actual lives that are suggested to exist via the content of such accounts, is nothing but fiction.

While it may seem as though it's a tired push towards a perceived duality, the accounts parallel to actual social media accounts of real life people, as a person presented through social media is often a different representation of a  person in the flesh. This is due to the existence of social norms, societal pressures and basic human behavior.

While the created accounts use fiction as a vehicle, it is full of truth in terms of serving as a physical being within a server, and as a commentary on the alterations of reality and fiction by way of tailoring our cyber perceptions through our own accounts. Therefore, by embodying both a physical truth and a cyber fib, Six Degrees of Sociality successfully depicts an occupation of space.